• Challenge Cup Trophy

    European Rugby Challenge Cup Trophy

    The European Rugby Challenge Cup's hero design sees a rugby ball held aloft by sterling silver rods, which are topped by silver stars of Europe with the aim of reflecting EPCR's vision and ambition for the tournament.

    Core to the development of the European Rugby Challenge Cup is the objective of broadening the horizons of European professional club rugby, as well as providing a pathway for the aspirations of the emerging clubs who can now compete alongside some of Europe's more established clubs from the three most powerful leagues.

    Trophy facts
    Height: 60cm
    Weight: 10kg
    Material: Sterling silver with sterling silver band.
    Features: Rugby ball held aloft by bright sterling silver rods topped in stars.

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  • ERC Logo 2003/04 - 2010/11

    Amlin Challenge Cup Trophy

    The Amlin Challenge Cup Trophy was commissioned by ERC in 2002 and first delivered that season. It was designed by Asprey's of London, the best in craftsmanship, design and materials that represent a continuation of a great tradition, blending experience with a spirit of artistic adventure to take the craft forward. A shallow cup atop a long shaft, designed to allow winners to hold single handily, triumphantly aloft in victory. Its narrow handles give this trophy a unique visual identity.

    The tournament currently known as the Amlin Challenge Cup, initially developed into being, as a tournament in the 1996/97 season.

    The original name of the tournament was the European Conference (1996/98).

    It was then renamed the European Shield (1998/2001) before being re-titled the European Challenge Cup (2001/09).

    Parker Pen sponsored both the Challenge Cup & the Shield trophies in the early part of the first decade of this century.

    In the years 2002/05 a third tier tournament was created which took over the title of European Shield. This was contested between the first round losers from the European Challenge Cup.

    1996/98 - European Conference

    1998/01 - European Shield

    2001/09 - European Challenge Cup & 2002/05 European Shield - (Two Tiered Tournament)

    2009/14 - Amlin Challenge Cup

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  • ERC Logo 1995/96 - 2002/03

    ERC Shield

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